Dear Good Company families,
Welcome to the final quarter of the year. Spring is such a welcome change in New England as we put away snow shovels and warm jackets and race outside. It’s also a time when our students sometimes lag in their schoolwork in favor of hanging around in the parking lot and socializing with friends. Please help them stay focused and finish well. 
Here are a few reminders:
(1) Our policy expects students to refrain from hugging and other “PDA”s (public displays of affection). This is certainly not a condemnation of these things in general, but a recognition that this is an appropriate standard in the context of Good Company classes. Would you please remind them that they should keep their hands to themselves?
(2) Parking (Attleboro location): Remember that you should not park on the Kratz Ave side of the building. We like that space to be wide open for parents pulling up to drop off and pick up. You can park behind the building or on the other side (right as you face the building). Avoid parking on Kratz as it annoys the neighbors. Also, drive much more slowly than you think is necessary as the students often hang out or play in the parking lot. 
It is the time of year when families begin planning for next year. The schedule that comes together like a big puzzle won’t be complete until close to June 1st, when the website will be updated. In the meantime, if you have questions, we may be able to answer them for you. 
Know that your feedback is always appreciated.
Happy spring,

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