Aaron Filipe​ is a GCT alum who competed in both speech and debate in NCFCA for 7 years. He qualified for the regional invitational tournament 3 times, and the National Championship tournament once. After graduation, Aaron returned to GCT to assist in the class, before officially taking over as teacher in 2015. He has also taught the Apologetics course since 2017. He is nearing the completion of a Bachelor’s degree in History, and hopes to use his education to continue teaching others.

Alicia Bailey a certified Spanish teacher, Alicia taught high school Spanish in the public school system for eight years before redirecting her energies to her own children. This is Mrs. Bailey’s third year teaching with Good Company Tutorials. She also teaches for Lightning Learners. To create an engaging class, Alicia varies activities during class time and aims to connect with each student. Alicia is a graduate of Cedarville University where she earned her degree in Spanish Education and Bible.  She has studied in Spain, lived in Argentina, visited Mexico, Bolivia, and Puerto Rico. In Spanish 1 and 2 Alicia integrates culture alongside reading, listening, writing, and speaking.  baileysne@msn.com

Allison Desautell taught her three boys at home from 1997 to 2014. She is a registered IEW instructor who has helped hundreds of students learn to write well.  For over a decade, she has been teaching both writing and literary analysis classes at Good Company.  Known for successfully breaking down daunting academic tasks, Allison helps students organize in every class she teaches, but she especially targets this in her study skills class.  She is also a private tutor and has even helped learning disabled students successfully pass the SAT and GED essays. allisondesautell@gmail.com

Amy Gaudet has been homeschooling since 2003.  As a homeschool mom of three sons, she has been very active in GCT drama as well as NCFCA speech, where she he has served on the staff for multiple tournaments and coached her own sons as well as other students in their speech preparation and presentation. Amy’s whole family loves Shakespeare, thanks to a dear friend’s influence, and his work has had a prominent place in their homeschooling. She has been invaluable as an assistant in GCT’s productions Much Ado about Nothing and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  coburngaudet@gmail.com

Dana Cloutier homeschooled her sons from 1995 to 2013 and during that time taught in numerous settings.  Dana has taught at Good Company classes such as middle school General Science, high school Biology, AP Human Geography, and World Geography, and elementary science for Lightning Learners. In addition, she has also provided private tutoring in Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1.  Known for her fun teaching style and implementing hands on activities, Dana has affectionately been nicknamed“Miss Frizzle.”clouts4@yahoo.com.

Denise Mudge homeschooled her 2 boys from 2009- 2018. She brings enthusiasm for sharing God’s design in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related fields, and her experience of having taught two boys who are both now Engineers. Denise brings a variety of teaching experiences, and has taught STEM after school activities for the public schools, co-ops in her home and has been a math tutor (developing a love for math later in life!) She has a strong belief that it is in our mistakes and trials that God wants us to not give up, but to learn from them and develop solutions.   denisemudge@gmail.com

Erin Hazen was homeschooled through high school, then explored her creative interests, earning degrees in art and interior design. Because she enjoys people so much more than business, Good Company has been her preferred place of service for the past eleven years, and she now spends the rest of her days at her primary occupation of wife, mommy, and home schooler. She has taught a variety of art classes here, including interior design (as a summer intensive) drawing, color, and stagecraft, and directs Lightning Learners, a tutorial company for younger students. erinjhazen@gmail.com

France Vivenzio has been home schooling for 12 years with a desire to impart to her five sons a love of learning. Though she has a degree in mathematics and enjoys that field, she has developed a great excitement about learning through stories. Over the past six years, she has spent well over 200 hours each year listening to and reading stories with her boys and on her own. Seeing her children inspired to learn more or grasping a difficult issue or even just enjoying great literature, France has become convinced of the power and benefit of stories in education, and it is evident in her children’s enthusiastic participation at GCT. mfv@alum.wpi.edu

Julie Cote began homeschooling her 3 children in 2011, and has utilized her education in Art and Psychology to teach Homeschool Co-op and Sunday school classes to ages ranging from preschool to high school. Her love for learning has led her to more than fifteen years of self-study in holistic health and wellness, including mental health, relational health, growth mindset, essential oils, immunology, anatomy, and more.. Julie also taught herself to paint and now teaches private art lessons and sells her artwork at local art and craft fairs in New England as well as to private buyers. juliecoteart@gmail.com

Julie Shorey completed 30 years of home schooling her eight children in 2015, and has taught various classes to home schoolers for almost as many years, including public speaking, drama, writing, history, and Christian worldview, where she delightfully learns along with her students. Her real passion is teaching, but she is also the administrator of Good Company Tutorials, the business that has blessed her life and her children since 2003. She thanks God almost every day for His incredible provision, especially the GCT family of students, parents, and tutors. shoreyfamily7@gmail.com

Margaret Entwistle has been home schooling her son and daughter since 2009, and has been much appreciated at Good Company as an enthusiastic aide in many classes. She has taught high school homeschoolers Biology and Chemistry. Before becoming a mother, she spent 15 years doing biomedical research. She often shares experiences from medical research that answer the “Why is this important and why should I study this?” She likes to show how applicable science is to life. She wants her students to go beyond the basic facts and discover the designer and how intricately His creations interact. freetown599@gmail.com

Mikaela Shorey taught every level of high school Spanish during her seven years in the public school system, after earning degrees in education and Spanish and spending time in Latin America. She currently spends most of her time caring for her family and homeschooling her children, but does private tutoring at every level from remedial and 5th year high schoolers to enthusiastic primary school students. She puts together her own curriculum, and reaches that important balance: helping students work hard while having lots of fun. senoritamp@cox.net

Renee McInnis began homeschooling her children in 1997 and has enjoyed expanding her approach to teaching to suit the diverse learning styles of her 6 children.  She has been able to use her Masters Degree in Molecular Biology to teach a variety of Homeschool Co-op and Catholic school science classes including Biology, Anatomy and Chemistry.  Years of laboratory experience have inspired her to incorporate models, games, and manipulatives in the classroom and her private tutoring.  She loves to grow in appreciation for God’s creation through outdoor experiences like hiking. bmcinnis1@verizon.net

Sandy Tracy  completed her own 22-year homeschool experience in 2018, and has taught other home schoolers for that length of time as well. She has also tutored math students (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II) for a number of years, and taught the SAT math preparation course at Good Company, as well as Physical Science, Chemistry, Advanced Physics, Math Concepts, and AP Macroeconomics. No one gets more excited about math and science than Sandy, and she enjoys helping students become more comfortable and confident with them. sandy@tracysite.com

Sherilyn Harrington graduated from Cedarville University in 1993 with a double major in  Music with Piano Pedagogy emphasis and Biology with Environmental Education  emphasis. She also has a minor in Bible. After moving to Rhode Island in 1994, she  worked at Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, Massachusetts for eight years developing  educational programs and displays. Sheri has also taught private piano lessons since 1995, and she and her husband have run a youth  worship band, taught many Bible studies, and are camp counselors every year. Sheri homeschooled her two sons from 2012 to 2023, and has been very involved at GCT. sharrington3248@yahoo.com


Tammy Bankston completed her 19th and final year of homeschooling her children in 2014. In addition, she writes missions education curriculum for the Southern Baptist Convention. Although her fields of study in college were social work and criminology, she brings a wide variety of interest and experience to us, having taught drama, public speaking, Shakespeare, writing, various levels of literature, and has recently added forensic science to her experience. Tammy finds great joy in using class discussion to inspire students to explore their own and others’ worldviews. tammybankston@gmail.com