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Friday Courses

WRITING 2: This class reviews all the basic Excellence in Writing techniques learned in Writing I and adds more advanced stylistic devices, while also putting more emphasis on the cohesiveness, clarity, and content of the student’s writing.  While those who think clearly are also strong writers, it is also true that learning to write clearly leads to stronger thinking skills. Working more on content and organization than in Writing 1, students will write a variety of kinds of essays: a biography, narrative, argument, critique, and a 12-paragraph research paper step by step, learning the skills of choosing and limiting topics and sources, organizing outlines, integrating quotations, and citing properly.  Also adding to the style toolbox, students spend time analyzing and imitating famous authors, writing descriptively from pictures using imagery and figurative language, and learning the structural forms and language of poetry.  For creative writing and practice in figurative language, students work all year on an anthology of their own original poetry.   Prerequisite: Students must have successfully completed Writing I or its equivalent. Feel free to speak with tutor to determine level. It is very acceptable for students to repeat a level of writing. Because they cycle through sentences, paragraphs, and papers in composition classes, they will be taking it at a higher level for mastery (thus counting as a second year on a transcript also). Grammar is taught contextually, which means it is more likely to be learned well; if students are weak in grammar, a review of a basic grammar handbook would be valuable. Students should have a sturdy 2-3 inch binder with tabs.  Copies: $20.00. Taught by Julie Shorey

What? No Writing 1? That is correct. We are unable to offer Writing 1 in Cranston this year, but here are some options: (1) Travel to Attleboro, where two classes are available each Tuesday as well as “Writing 1 Plus”, a transition course between Writing 1 and Writing 2. (2) Take a year off from composition, and have your young student take the Introduction to Literature course. They need a mixture of composition and literature, so this would be a helpful and fun option. Supplement with some grammar instruction where needed. (3) For HIGH SCHOOL students who have not taken Writing 1, speak with the Writing 2 tutor about doing an “intensive” over the summer, available through Excellence in Writing, then dive into Writing 2 in the fall.  

INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE: This middle school class will present students with a variety of genres of literature including myths, fairy tales, legends, and short stories. They will be introduced to Shakespeare’s wonderful stories by reading his plays in a story form much more accessible to this audience. Students will also read several classic and modern novels during the year. In this fun, discussion-based class, students will be challenged to look beyond the surface of the story as we analyze character, setting, plot, conflict, theme, point of view, symbols, and figurative language. They will learn about the authors and their worldviews. We will examine the universality of literature, how we can see the common themes in literature in our world today. They will have the opportunity to share their views and discuss them in a safe environment, building confidence for the future when the audience might not be so friendly. Students should expect 40-50 pages of reading per week. Additionally, they will have weekly homework assignments consisting of discussion questions to answer, short writing assignments, and dialectical journaling. There will be two projects/presentations, one per semester, and tests for each unit we study. Deadlines for work will be strictly enforcedStudents and parents will receive a list of expectations at the beginning of the year. The instructor will provide a complete list of books and materials to purchase. Required: Be able to access my Google Classroom, a Gmail account, AND the use of Google Docs for turning in homework! This class won’t work without the use of these communication outlets. All work will be submitted and graded on Google Classroom. Copy fee: $10.00. Taught by Tammy Bankston.

BRITISH LITERATURE: The purpose of this high school course is to familiarize students with British literature and its authors and worldviews. The literature selections for this class include such works as Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Taming of the Shrew, Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, Jane Eyre, and A Tale of Two Cities. In addition, students will analyze British poetry and end the year with a fun study of famous detective writers. Students will receive a complete list of books and materials to purchase.  Students should expect 65-85 pages of reading per week, as well as study guides, dialectical journals, creative projects, presentations, and literary analysis essays. Deadlines for work will be strictly enforced. Students should also be prepared to participate in lively class discussions! Required: Be able to access my Google Classroom, a Gmail account, AND the use of Google Docs for turning in homework! This class won’t work without the use of these communication outlets. All work will be submitted on Google Classroom. Prerequisite: It is assumed that students who take this course have successfully completed an introductory or fundamentals literature course. Copy fee: $10.00. Taught by Tammy Bankston

ADVANCED PLACEMENT ENGLISH LITERATURE/COMPOSITION ONLINE COURSE: This class will be remote on Tuesdays at 1:00, enabling students from Attleboro and Cranston to participate together. This college level course is open to responsible 11th and 12th grade students who wish to prepare for the AP English Literature and Composition exam in May. Depending upon their scores, students can earn up to six college credits with this test. A love of literature along with proficiency in writing are a must for this course. Students should expect to work 8-10 hours per week, reading 75-100 pages along with essay writing, dialectical journals, and extensive work with poetry. Deadlines for work will be strictly enforced. Although rigorous, the class is fun. The instructor encourages enthusiastic and spirited discussions. A student who loves digging into books and chatting with others about their deeper meanings will do well. Please contact the instructor for specifics and before signing up: A list of required texts will be provided. Required: Be able to access my Google Classroom, a Gmail account, AND the use of Google Docs for turning in homework! Class will be conducted via Google Meet. Students should have working cameras on their computers. This class won’t work without the use of these communication outlets. All work will be submitted on Google Classroom. Taught by Tammy Bankston.

UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES: (1½ hour tutorial) Don’t let your high school student graduate without this course by Summit Ministries which focuses on comparing six fundamental worldviews dominant in Western Civilization: Marxist Leninism (communism), Secular Humanism, Cosmic Humanism (New Age movement), Islam, Post-Modernism, and Biblical Christianity, all easily discovered in the current culture. Students learn the basic beliefs of each of these, often looking at their own writings, and compare them with Christianity. Some take the course because they are questioning what they’ve been taught; others because they want to effectively defend their own faith. Students have reported feeling confident in their faith and able to defend it to others because they understand the various worldviews better. (And what matters more than that?) Explore the Summit Ministries site and try taking this excellent (and free) worldview test yourself and then have your high schooler do it, to perhaps obtain some real insight into the need: While Apologetics is mostly studying the basics of the Christian faith from the Bible, this course involves studying what the other worldviews believe and how they compare to Christianity, also using the Bible as the final authority. According to Summit Ministries, 70% of Christians leave the church by age 22, 40% of GenZ claim no religious affiliation, and only 4% of GenZ holds a biblical worldview. Instruction in the worldviews dramatically changes these statistics. The lively discussion/application format is very effective in encouraging students to interact about the things that really matter, and it is what the students love most about this class, along with the video lectures by experts in every field we study. Check out the college credit option at The material was written for juniors and seniors in high school, but not strictly limited, although it is challenging. Materials fee includes hard cover textbook, student manual, access to online video lectures, and copies. Materials: $75.00. Taught by Julie Shorey.

DESIGN ENGINEERING: For students in 5th-7th grades. This is a hands-on science class that will lead students through the Design Engineering Process that helps develop research & analysis, teamwork, and communication skills. Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical/ Aerospace Engineering,Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering will be covered in units during class with homework that supports each unit. Students will use an Engineering Design Notebook (provided) for their weekly reading, research assignments and at-home design challenges. Supplies will be provided and recycled materials will be used as much as possible. In addition, students will be asked to write 6 biographies on assigned famous engineers. Curriculum was developed using a variety of resources including, Design It!, Middle School Engineering Projects and online videos.  Please note Engineering Units are rotated between two years, so students may take Engineering for two years without repeating units. Materials/Copies: $45. Taught by Denise Mudge

GENERAL SCIENCE: This Apologia junior high school level course is the foundation for all the upper level Apologia high school science courses due to its introduction to areas of biology, chemistry, physics and anatomy and physiology in a simple and approachable manner.  Labs and fun projects will be done in class while bi-weekly tests will be proctored at home. Apologia science courses follow a routine and rhythm that helps the students, and that routine is established effectively in this foundational course. Required Materials: Apologia  Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd edition, by Jay Wile; 3 ring binder with section divider and a single subject notebook or notebook paper. All homework will be assigned through Google Classroom. Materials/lab fee: $40.00. Taught by Denise Mudge.

PHYSICAL SCIENCE: (1½ hour tutorial) For students in 8th/ 9th grade. An Apologia science, this course begins with detailed discussion of what makes the world work, and then travels to the universe for further appreciation of God’s creation. Topics include air and the atmosphere, weather, the physics of motion and Newton’s laws, gravity, magnetism, atoms, sound, light, and an introduction to astrophysics. Students will do labs and learn how to write a lab report. Class instruction, discussion and labs are completed in class while tests proctored at home. Prerequisite:  Students should have completed Pre-Algebra or be taking it concurrently.  Required Materials: Exploring Creation with Physical Science, (2nd edition required) by Jay Wile, 3 ring binder divided into 3 sections: Notes, Labs, Tests. Materials and copy fee $25.00. Taught by Denise Mudge

BIOLOGY (1½ hour tutorial):  This well-narrated Apologia high school biology course covers numerous topics including the science of life, the chemistry of life, ecology, cell structure and function, cellular energy, DNA, proteins, genetics, prokaryotes, viruses, fungi, plants, and animals. The students observe both microscopic and macroscopic specimens and learn how to write lab reports.  Dissections include the earthworm, crayfish, fish, frog, and flower (pending availability). The classroom experience covers lectures, games, discussion, and laboratory work. Homework includes reviewing vocabulary and a quiz and test for each unit.  Required Materials: (1) Apologia – Exploring Creation with Biology3rd edition, Dincher (hardcover or now softcover). (2) Apologia – Exploring Creation with Biology3rd edition Student Notebook (softcover). Please note:  This is a change in the edition from last year and has great updates!  Christian Book Distributors offers competitive pricing.  Required Communication:  Each student (or parent) must have an email account for weekly updates and submit work and view assignments on Google Classroom.  This process will be explained in the class.  Materials/Lab fee:  $25.00 Taught by Renee McInnis

FORENSIC SCIENCE: (1½ hour tutorial) This high school level lab science explores the exciting field of crime scene investigation, covering topics in biology, chemistry, and physical science. Students will use a unique hands-on program to perform intriguing investigations weekly. Topics include blood detection, blood spatter analysis, evidence processing, footprint analysis, questioned document and handwriting analysis, fingerprinting, bite mark analysis, gunshot residue, bullet striations, and drug testing. In addition to the labs, there will be reading and workbook assignments, quizzes, and short oral reports about historical crime cases. The main textbook for the class will be available to the students online or through handouts from the instructor. Students should purchase Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace, which will be used as a supplement. REQUIRED: Be able to access my Google Classroom, a Gmail account, AND the use of Google Docs for turning in homework! This class won’t work without the use of these communication outlets. All work will be submitted on Google Classroom. Materials: $115 (Due to the lab intensive nature of the course, there is a $100 lab fee. Copies: $15.00) Taught by Tammy Bankston

HEALTH AND NUTRITION: (ages 13-18) This high school health course will take a holistic approach to the topic of health. This course respectfully covers relevant topics related to physical, mental, social-emotional, financial and spiritual health. Utilizing multiple resources/curriculums (Apologia Health and Nutrition, Total Health, Adulting 101 and the Bible) we will cover the following topics: 

  • Physical Health: anatomy, exercise, nutrition, menu planning, creating a workout routine/schedule, disease, disease prevention, biological sex as related to our gender roles, puberty, and reproduction.
  • Mental Health: managing your mindset, understanding/recognizing depression, anxiety, suicide, Autism, Dementia, and more.
  • Social-Emotional Health: temperament, decision making, boundaries, contentment, conflict resolution, communication skills, families, relationships, emotional stability and more.
  • Financial Health: balancing a checkbook, budgeting, saving, spending, tithing.
  • Spiritual Health: developing godly habits; devotional time, prayer/quiet time, fellowship, serving God and others.

Students will have opportunities to engage in meaningful class discussions as well as complete hands-on projects both in class and at home. Students will also be introduced to an array of health-related careers. Each student will choose a health career to explore and complete a project related to this field at the end of the semester. *Please note! Reproductive anatomy and physiology are covered in this course; including accurate illustrations and descriptions. Marriage, sexuality, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases are discerningly explained, along with alcohol and drug abuse, pornography, suicide, and other topics necessary for our young people to understand for successful navigation in adulthood. This is handled gently, and respectfully from a Biblical Christian worldview, but parents should evaluate their young adults’ emotional and spiritual maturity prior to enrolling in this course. Required Texts: Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition text book, 2nd Edition, Apologia; and Total Health: Choices for a Winning Lifestyle by Susan Boe. Materials: $15.00 Taught by Julie Cote

EXPLORING ART AND DESIGN I: (1st semester) This is a beginner art course, for students 12-18, will introduce students to the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. This course is designed as an art class for both students wishing to pursue upper-level art courses as well as for those who wish to satisfy their high school Fine Arts requirements, not to mention the joy of pursuing art as an interest. This class will also benefit students with prior art instruction/experience by helping them further develop skills and understanding. Students will explore a variety of artists, art processes, and materials such as drawing, painting, and collage. Willingness to get involved in the creative process is a more important requirement than a student’s talent or previous experience. Students will be required to keep an art journal throughout the course and will work toward creating a finished project to exhibit at the end of the semester. A supply list will be provided. Materials: $15.00. Taught by Julie Cote

EXPLORING ART AND DESIGN THROUGH PAINTING: (2nd semester) (1½ hour tutorial) Also for students 12-18, this advanced art class expands upon the elements of art and the principles of design with continued exploration of acrylic and watercolor painting. This course is designed for the highly motivated art student, and will consist of a more in-depth study of art criticism, aesthetics, and art history. Students will develop an ability to talk about their work and the work of others in classroom critiques. Students will learn how to observe art and see creation through the eyes of an artist. They will have an opportunity to visit the RISD art museum as well as showcase their artwork at an exhibit night at the end of the semester. Students interested in applying for art scholarships or art competitions will be offered opportunities, guidance, and assistance throughout the semester. Prerequisite: Exploring Art and Design I OR requested permission from the teacher A supply list will be provided. 

Materials: $25.00. Taught by Julie Cote

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