. . .we begin Good Company classes tomorrow. A few reminders:
(1) PARKING: Please park behind the building or to the right side of it. The LEFT side  should be reserved for parents dropping off and picking up students. There should be room to swing around then back onto Kratz Ave, without having to use neighbors’ driveways to turn around or parking in front of their houses. Remember too that students hang around in the parking lot between classes; please drive very slowly and carefully. 

(2) The WEATHER will be quite warm. This seems to happen most every year. We are doing our best to circulate the air and keep cool. Please remember that dress should still be modest. Students should be sure to have water bottles with them.
(3) As of the spring, there is no longer a GCT refrigerator in the kitchen. Students should bring lunches that they can keep cool without the use of the refrigerator. 
(4) Expect some chaos on the first day. There are lots of people in the building getting used to the new schedule and routine. It is always a little crazy. Encourage your students to ask for help when they need it!
(5) September tuition is due this week. 
Thank you for your attention, and WELCOME to GCT. 
Julie Shorey

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