BB Wolf

BB Wolf taught in two Christian schools and home schooled her own five children for 26 years. She’s taught group classes of all kinds in several home school groups, in her church, and with Good Company, including writing, public speaking, and calligraphy. She has coached a number of our students to national speech competition, including her […]

Carleen Perkins

Carleen Perkins has homeschooled her own children since 2000, with her eldest three in college and beyond, and youngest in heaven with Jesus. Her teaching experience includes co-ops, tutoring, and Sunday School, including drama, music, writing, history, speech and Bible. She was involved with NCFCA for ten years, as she coached her own children and others. […]

 Bauer Evans

 Bauer Evans Prior to his ordination as the senior pastor of Crossway Church in 2001 (, Bauer taught social studies for 13 years in public, private and Christian high schools in the greater Philadelphia area, and has degrees in political science and education. He is an experienced AP teacher with over two decades of AP teaching […]

Jennifer Baker

Jennifer Baker began her music education early in life, and in college and beyond she has had the privilege of studying with various masters in piano performance, music composition, and choral studies. Her children, now graduated, began classes at GCT in 2012.  She has been very involved in the program ever since, serving as pianist and […]

Rachel Young

Rachel Young home educated her two daughters for over a decade.  She has taught a variety classes for students ranging from preschool to high school; Elementary Ocean/Marine Science and Middle School Theatre were two of her favorites.  She served as a 4-H co-leader, and administered numerous 4-H SPIN courses, including 4-H/ARMY Babysitting Certificate Course.  Her degree […]

France Vivenzio

France Vivenzio has been home schooling for 12 years with a desire to impart to her five sons a love of learning. Though she has a degree in mathematics and enjoys that field, she has developed a great excitement about learning through stories. Over the past six years, she has spent well over 200 hours each […]

Sandy Tracy

Sandy Tracy  completed her own 22-year homeschool experience in 2018, and has taught other home schoolers for that length of time as well. She has also tutored math students (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II) for a number of years, and taught the SAT math preparation course at Good Company, as well as Physical Science, Chemistry, […]

Mikaela Shorey

Mikaela Shorey taught every level of high school Spanish during her seven years in the public school system, after earning degrees in education and Spanish and spending time in Latin America. She currently spends most of her time caring for her family and homeschooling her children, but does private tutoring at every level from remedial and […]

Julie Shorey

Julie Shorey completed 30 years of home schooling her eight children in 2015, and has taught various classes to home schoolers for almost as many years, including public speaking, drama, writing, history, and Christian worldview, where she delightfully learns along with her students. Her real passion is teaching, but she is also the administrator of Good […]

Renee McInnis

Renee McInnis began homeschooling her children in 1997 and has enjoyed expanding her approach to teaching to suit the diverse learning styles of her 6 children.  She has been able to use her Masters Degree in Molecular Biology to teach a variety of Homeschool Co-op and Catholic school science classes including Biology, Anatomy and Chemistry.  Years […]