Welcome back to the last four weeks of the GCT school year! I hope your week off was at least productive and helpful, if not restful. 
We have a few events coming up. 
  • Next week, April 30th, the writing students’ work will be displayed for all to see. Look for it in the building in Attleboro during class time.
  • Also Tuesday, April 30th, at 6:30 p.m. our speech students will be presenting. Come be encouraged by their skill and confidence, and impressed by their topics.
  • Friday and Saturday, May 10th/11th, Good Company players present an original adaptation of Anne of Green Gables
Have you considered the two-week Summit Ministries worldview course? Is the travel too challenging? They have a new online conference this summer, where students can ask tough questions, learn how to defend truth against the culture, and build a faith that lasts a lifetime. They will also make valuable friendships as the course is completely interactive. For more information, check out: 
Remember that, unless there is an unusual circumstance, May’s tuition was covered by your registration fees, and April was the last payment of the year. 
Thanks again for listening,
Julie Shorey

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